Frequently Asked

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Frequently Asked

Find the Answers Below

For Continental U.S. Veterinary Clinics Only

Why do I not see my recently made purchase when I log in? When do points update?

Points are updated monthly from the previous month’s purchases around the 15th of each month. Please check back after this time and you should see your most recent purchases.

I want to purchase more of the items, can these be purchased outright?

All items are available for purchase, please contact us at 888-873-3442.

Do my points expire?

Points do not expire, however, you are limited on the amount you are allowed to redeem at one time. If your account begins to accrue an abundance of points we will contact you and assist with getting an order placed.

Can I transfer points?

Points are not transferrable from clinic to clinic. They will need to be redeemed and sent to the clinic under the original account created.

I redeemed points but I still haven’t received my items, what do I do?

Point program items should be delivered to your clinic within 2 weeks of redemption. If more time has passed please contact Thornell at 888-873-3442 or email

Can more than one person in our practice participate in the program?

The program is limited to 1 account per clinic. This is only to eliminate duplicate items being sent out to the practice. If someone else attempts to create an account we will email you and let you know that your practice already has an account set up.

Do I accumulate points without enrolling?

No, you don’t accumulate points until you have registered to join to point program. Make sure you sign up!

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